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3.7. Site-Standard FLEXnet Options File

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Applies to:
Palisade Concurrent Network software 6.x/7.x/8.x

Can we use our standard FLEXnet options file?

You can use lines from it, but you can’t use the actual file.

Server Manager writes an options file called Palisade.opt in the NetServer folder, and uses it to manage borrowing. This file is also read by FLEXnet, so you can add most of the standard FLEXnet options at the end. Please don’t change the file name or alter any of the lines written by Server Manager, or the license may not function correctly.

Because Palisade.opt is always the file name, the Server.lic file doesn’t need an OPTIONS field on the VENDOR line. In fact, when Server Manager rewrites the file after you change options, it will remove an OPTIONS field if it finds one.

For supported keywords in the options file, see Reference – Options File.

Last Update: 2020-03-28

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