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3.2. Virtual Servers

Disponible en español: Servidores Virtuales

Applies to:
Palisade network software 6.x/7.x/8.x

Does not apply to: Palisade Custom Runtime licenses, which are designed not to activate on virtual servers.

Are virtual servers supported?

Yes. Most administrators with virtual servers find that an activatable or certificate license works just fine. But a small minority have found that an activatable license does not work: it seems to activate successfully, but then it cannot be used, possibly after the service is stopped and restarted or after the virtual server is rebooted.

This problem does not occur on most virtual servers, and we have not been able to reproduce it or isolate the cause. The activatable type of license does write to the machine’s boot record, so possibly the disk emulation is less than perfect with some VM software.

If you have a virtual server and you have any reason to think the activatable license type might be a problem, please don’t activate your production license. Palisade Technical Support will be happy to create a test license for you on request. Or you could just use a certificate license and avoid the whole issue, even though the odds that it would affect your server are low. See Getting a Certificate License to obtain a certificate license.

Certificate licenses are not available for Enterprise Networks. Therefore, if you have any reason to suspect a virtual server might not work, please consider a physical server with your Enterprise Network. If that is not convenient, please work with Palisade Technical Support to make certain that a test license works on your virtual server.

Last edited: 2020-03-28

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