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1.6. Step 3: Activate Network License

Disponible en español: Paso 3: Activar una Licencia de Red

Applies to:
Palisade Server Manager 6.x/7.x/8.x, with activatable (Trusted Storage) licenses only.

If your license is the certificate type, see Get License Certificate. To decide between the two kinds, see Choose Network License Type.

My license is the activatable type. How do I activate it? 

Caution: Once the license is activated on your server, it is your responsibility to manage. You must not erase the server's hard drive or decommission the server without first deactivating the license.

To activate a license, either a new license or additional users on an existing license:

  1. In Server Manager, click Activate. Server Manager will prompt you for the Activation ID; enter the one that you received via email.

  2. Server Manager will then prompt you for the number of users. Enter the number given in that same email, or enter a smaller number if you want to split the users among multiple servers.

  3. Server Manager will next give you the choice of Automatic Activation or Manual Activation. Automatic Activation is simplest and best, if your security policy allows it. (Automatic Activation can take up to 60 seconds to return a success or failure status, depending on network connections.)

    If your server has no Internet, or if Automatic Activation fails because of your security policies, select Manual Activation. Server Manager will guide you through the Manual Activation process of creating a request file, sending it to Palisade in email or uploading it to our Web site, receiving a response file from Palisade, and letting Server Manager process the response file. When you activate the first license on this server, and under certain other circumstances, Server Manager will have to configure Trusted Storage as a preliminary procedure. It will guide you through a request-response cycle for Conf files and a second request-response cycle for Act files, so just follow the prompts on your screen.

  4. After a successful activation, Server Manager will update the display. This may take a few seconds.

Caution: If you have multiple Activation IDs to activate on this server, and you are using Manual Activation, finish activating each ID before you begin activating the next one. The FLEXnet software may not work correctly if you go out of sequence.

Next step: Prepare the Client Install.

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