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4.48. "Object initialized twice" When Launching Palisade Software

Applies to: All releases of Palisade's Excel add-ins

The software runs just fine in one instance of Excel, and I can open multiple workbooks in that instance. But when I open a second instance of Excel, I get this message:

Object initialized twice.

This happens either right when Excel opens, or when the second Excel is already open and I try to launch Palisade software.

Palisade software is not designed to run simultaneously in multiple instances of Excel. This is true whether they're the same product or different products, whether they're the same release or different releases. And it doesn't matter whether you use the desktop icon or Start Menu to launch the software, or open the XLA-type add-in file manually. You can run multiple products of the same release in the same instance of Excel.)

If you launch @RISK a second time from the icon or Start Menu, you should get "@RISK is already running", and similarly for the other products, but the already-running copy should not be affected.

But all I did was launch a second instance of Excel, and I got "Object initialized twice."

Most likely you have one or more Palisade add-ins listed as active add-ins in Excel, which means that they load every time Excel loads. This is a conflict situation, and may result in data loss.

  1. Close both instances of Excel. If you've done any edits in the first-opened one, consider saving that workbook under a different name so that you can check it later.

  2. Open one instance of Excel, with a blank workbook. In Excel 2010 or 2013, click File » Options » Add-Ins, then at the bottom of the page select "Manage Excel Add-Ins" and click Go.
    (In Excel 2007, click the round Office button, then Excel Options, then Add-Ins, then at the bottom of the page select "Manage Excel Add-Ins" and click Go. In Excel 2003 or below, click Tools » Add-Ins.)

  3. Remove the check marks from all Palisade add-ins. Click OK, and close Excel.

For the future, use the desktop icons (if present) or the Start Menu's program group called Palisade DecisionTools to open Palisade software. You can do this before or after opening Excel.

See also: Opening Palisade Software Automatically Whenever Excel Opens

Last edited: 2015-01-29

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