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2.43. "Could not load ATHLIB32.DLL" (Textbook Software)

Applies to: DecisionTools and StatTools Suite: Student Edition, a CD bundled with some textbooks

I installed the software from the CD without a problem. But when I try to launch my software, I get the message

Could not load ATHLIB32.DLL.

or some other error message.

The DecisionTools and StatTools Suite: Student Edition is vintage 2004 software and is not compatible with today's versions of Excel and Windows. Any other copy of our software on CD is likely to be several years out of date.

Please follow this procedure to unload the obsolete software and install current software for your course work:

  1. In Control Panel, uninstall the old software.

  2. Check for a C:\DTools folder, and if it exists delete it.

    If there is no C:\DTools folder, delete the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Palisade or C:\Program Files\Palisade, whichever one exists.

  3. Please follow this link to select your textbook download the software. You will use your textbook to answer a question and unlock the download.

    If your textbook and specific edition are not shown there, please email Palisade Technical Support. Give the full title and edition number of the textbook, and we will send you a download link. Email only, please; we're unable to do this by phone or in live chat.

Last edited: 2018-08-14

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