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2.2. I've installed the software. Why don't I see it in Excel?

Applies to:
The DecisionTools Suite, all releases
BigPicture, all releases
Evolver, all releases
NeuralTools, all releases
PrecisionTree, all releases
@RISK for Excel and RISKOptimizer, all releases
StatTools, all releases
TopRank, all releases

I installed the software, and the install ran to completion, but when I open Excel I don't see @RISK (BigPicture, Evolver, NeuralTools, PrecisionTree, StatTools, TopRank). What is wrong?

Nothing is wrong. By default, our software does not load automatically in Excel.

To launch the software: Either double-click the desktop icon (if you selected desktop icons during install), or click the Start Button and select the Palisade DecisionTools program group. If Excel is already running, the software will attach to the running copy; otherwise the software will launch Excel for you. (If Excel is already running and the software doesn't attach to it, look up the error message in this Knowledge Base or if appropriate see Nothing Happens When I Launch the Software.)

To make the software run automatically every time you run Excel: Please see Opening Palisade Software Automatically Whenever Excel Opens. That article lists some specific add-ins; please don't make any other Palisade add-ins active. Also, please don't manually add any toolbars. That is not necessary to make the software run, and it may actually cause the software to malfunction.

TIP: You can make it easier to launch @RISK without necessarily starting it every time you start Excel. In the Start menu, in the Palisade DecisionTools program group, right-click any of our icons and select Pin to Taskbar or perhaps Pin to Start Menu. Then you always have the software handy, without drilling down into the Start menu or moving windows that are covering a desktop icon.

But shouldn't it be in Excel's add-ins list?

Our software may appear in Excel's list of inactive add-ins. This is normal, not a sign of trouble. It doesn't need to be in Excel's list of active add-ins unless you want it to launch with Excel every time, as mentioned above.

Last edited: 2017-04-04

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