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3.1. Repair of Palisade Software

Disponible en español: Reparación del Software de Palisade
Disponível em português: Reparação do Software Palisade

Applies to: All products, release 5.0 and newer

Users often try to solve problems by uninstalling and reinstalling the software. That may be appropriate in some cases, but usually it is not the best approach. In many cases it is just as effective to repair the software ("do a repair install").

A repair, as opposed to uninstall/reinstall, has the additional benefit that any activations in place are not disturbed, and a trial version remains usable until its original expiration date.

You must be logged on as a full administrator to install, uninstall, or repair the software.

  1. Windows 10: Open Windows Control Panel » Programs and Features.
    Windows 8, 7, Vista: Open Windows Control Panel » Programs » Programs and Features.
    Windows XP: In Control Panel, select Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Locate your Palisade software in the list. The DecisionTools Suite might be under D or T; @RISK should be at or near the top. Version 8.0 is listed under P.
  3. Windows 10, 8, 7: Click the Palisade software in the list, and select Repair in the menu that appears above the list.
    Older Windows: Right-click on the Palisade software line item, and select Repair. If you click on the Palisade software line item and "Click here for support information" appears, click on it, then click Repair. If Repair does not appear, and the only buttons you have are Change and Remove, click Change to trigger the setup program and then select Repair.

If the repair succeeds, you won't see any success or completion message; the window will simply disappear. It's quite unusual for a repair to fail, but if that happens you'll see an error message.

Alternative procedure:
Note: You must be logged on as a full administrator to install, uninstall, or repair the software.

Simply re-run the installer. When prompted for Modify, Repair, Remove, select Repair. (If you're not sure you have the correct installer, Palisade Technical Support can send you a link. Include your serial number or the name and edition of your textbook in your email.)

Last edited: 2020-04-06

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