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4.7. Silent Install of Non-English 6.x Software

Disponible en español: Instalación Silenciosa de Software 6.x en otros idiomas
Disponível em português: Instalação em segundo plano para Software 6.x em idiomas diferentes do Inglês

Applies to:  All products, standalone or network versions, releases 6.1 through 6.3

If you have release 7.x software, see Silent Install of Non-English 7.x Software.

I'm doing a silent install of your 6.x product. I'd like the application to come up automatically in our local language the first time it runs, without making the end user navigate an English-language menu to set the language. How can I do this?

You'll need to obtain the appropriate language pack from us, and install it after installing the program. Here is the procedure.

  1. Contact Technical Support to request installers for the program and the language pack. Include this information in your email:

    • Your software serial number.
    • The language(s) you want.
    • The three-digit version number of the software version that you want to install.
    • MSI or EXE install? (MSI installs are available for program versions 6.2.0 and later, but the language packs are available only as EXE installs.)

    We'll send you a program installer and language pack installer(s) for the version you specify. If you don't specify, we'll send you the latest one you qualify for.

  2. Perform the silent install of the program. Choose the appropriate instructions:

    You need one extra command-line argument in addition to the ones shown in those articles. Specify a language with one of these arguments:

    • /L1031 for German
    • /L1034 for Spanish
    • /L1036 for French
    • /L1041 for Japanese
    • /L1046 for Portuguese
    • /L1049 for Russian
    • /L2052 for Chinese (Simplified)
  3. Perform the silent install of the language pack, with the /s /v/qn arguments. Example:

    DTS6-Resource-FR-Setup.exe /s /v/qn

    There is just one language pack for each language. If you're installing multiple products, for example @RISK and StatTools, run all the program installers and then install the language pack.

Additional keywords:  Local language support, International language setting, Localization

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