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8.17. No Distributions in Define Distributions Dialog

Applies to: @RISK 6.x/7.x

When I click Define Distributions, the top part of the dialog is normal, and I can see the names of the tabs. But the tabs themselves are empty — there are no pictures of distributions.

Do you see a little orange circle with a question mark, or is the bottom half of Define Distribution completely blank? If you see the orange circle, the solution is to upgrade to the current version of @RISK. If you don't have that circle and question mark, please proceed with the troubleshooting in this article.

Your SharpGrid control is not functioning properly. It may simply be misregistered or missing, or it could be corrupted, or you may have a Windows setting that prevents it from running. (This same root cause has other symptoms, such as missing statistics grids in Browse Results, crashes in StatTools dialogs, and "invalid access to memory location" when starting @RISK.)

Here is the procedure to fix it. (This requires full administrative rights, so you may need to ask your IT department to perform these steps for you.)

  1. Close Excel and Project if they are open.
  2. Open an administrative command prompt. (A regular command prompt won't be sufficient.)
  3. Enter the command
    cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Data Dynamics\Sharpgrid" && dir c:sg20*
    If you get "cannot find the path" or similar, enter the command
    cd "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Data Dynamics\Sharpgrid" && dir c:sg20*
    If both commands got "cannot find the path", or if file sg20u.ocx does not appear, repair your Palisade software and test @RISK to see if that fixed the problem.
  4. But if sg20u.ocx is there, it may be misregistered. Type this command to re-register it:
    regsvr32 sg20u.ocx
    You should get a pop-up message "DllRegisterServer in sg20u.ocx succeeded." If you do, test @RISK to see if the problem has been solved.
    • If the command did not succeed, something is wrong in your installation of Windows, and you will need to get assistance from your IT department.
    • If the command succeeded but @RISK is still not working correctly, the problem may be your settings for Data Execution Prevention (DEP). SharpGrid cannot run under DEP. To check and correct your DEP settings, see our article Data Execution Prevention.

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