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1.12. @RISK and Application Virtualization

Disponible en español: @RISK y Aplicación Virtualización
Disponível em português: @RISK e virtualização de aplicação

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Is Palisade software compatible with App-V, ThinApp, XenApp, and other virtualization software options?

We have installed XenApp on a local server and run some informal tests of our software under XenApp. We also did a quick test of @RISK under App-V. In both cases our tests succeeded: our software installed without issue and the functions we tried worked. However, Palisade software has not gone through Quality Assurance testing in those environments, and therefore they are not officially supported. We do not have any experience with ThinApp at this time. We will be looking at all of these technologies in the future to make a complete determination of compatibility.

If you're contemplating deploying one of these platforms, we encourage you to perform your own testing and determine that the software features you need will work correctly. Palisade will be happy to give you a limited-time test license so that you can perform this testing.

Virtualization is not compatible with standalone licenses, and will require a Concurrent Network license.

Last edited: 2016-07-25

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