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3.2. I Bought Your Software, But When I Open It I'm Asked to Purchase (5.x)

Applies to:
All products, release 5.x

I downloaded and installed the software after purchasing it.  Everything seemed to go okay, but when I try to run it I get a "License Activation" screen. There are Automatic Activation and Manual Activation buttons, but they are grayed out.  It looks like I have to click Purchase, but I don't want to buy the software twice.

You have not activated your software.  First, make sure you have the right product installed: check the product and edition in the upper left corner of the License Activation screen, and make sure it matches the license that you purchased.  If not, uninstall the incorrect product and install the correct one.  Technical Support at can assist you if you're uncertain.

You should have received an Activation ID via email or with your installer disk. Please copy/paste the Activation ID into the Activation ID box on the License Activation screen, or carefully type it in with the hyphens.  (There are no letters O or I in an Activation ID; those are digits zero or one.)

After you enter an Activation ID, the Automatic Activation and Manual Activation buttons will become active.  If you're connected to the Internet, click Automatic Activation and in about 60 seconds you should get an "Activation Successful".  If you're not connected to the Internet or if Automatic Activation fails for any reason, please click Manual Activation and point your Web browser at  That Web script will guide you through the Manual Activation process.

last edited: 2014-01-10

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