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15.30. "Linear Predictor" in Training Report

Applies to: NeuralTools 6.x/7.x

In my training report, I see "Best Configuration: Linear Predictor". What does that mean?

By default, NeuralTools will try linear regression on numeric variables. (You can inhibit this in the Training dialog, if you wish.) Linear Predictor means that, for this data set, a linear regression did a better job than a regular neural network. In this situation, the intercept and coefficients are shown in a separate section on the same report.

One of the supplied examples shows this. Click Help » Example Spreadsheets » House Prices with Linear Regression.

What method does the linear regression model use? OLS, GLS, other?

NeuralTools uses Ordinary Least Squares (OLS).

Last edited: 2018-03-01

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