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12.1. Context Menu Wrong in PrecisionTree 6.x and 7.x

Applies to: PrecisionTree 6.x/7.x

When I right-click on a node, the Excel menu opens, not the PrecisionTree menu. It looks like somehow all the nodes have just become Excel shapes.

PrecisionTree uses a hidden name to keep track of the tree objects. It seems you copied a worksheet from another PrecisionTree workbook, after creating the tree in this workbook. When you did that, Excel recognized that there was a conflict of these hidden names. It should have asked you whether to replace one with the other, or keep both. If you answered to keep both, then they're both in the workbook. PrecisionTree uses the first one it finds, which happens to be the wrong one; hence PrecisionTree doesn't know that your tree is a tree.

To solve the problem, follow these steps:

  1. Delete the sheet that was copied from the other workbook.
  2. Save the workbook and close Excel.
  3. Reopen the workbook in PrecisionTree.
  4. Either rebuild the deleted sheet from scratch, or insert a blank sheet and then copy the contents of the sheet from the other workbook without copying the actual sheet.

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