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6.6. Placing Simulation Statistics in a Worksheet

Applies to:
@RISK For Excel 4.x–7.x
RISKOptimizer 1.0, 5.x

Is there a way to have result statistics from an @RISK simulation placed in a specific location of a spreadsheet automatically at the end of a simulation?

Statistics for any cell—including inputs (@RISK distributions), @RISK outputs, and plain Excel formulas—can be reported directly in the spreadsheet at the end of simulation by using the statistic functions provided with @RISK. A full list of the statistic functions is available in the @RISK menu: Insert Function » Statistic Functions » Simulation Result.

As an example, the formula "=RiskMean(A1)"  will return the simulated mean of cell A1 across all iterations in the simulation. In @RISK 5.5 and later, by default the statistic functions are all calculated at the end of a simulation, though you can change this in Simulation Settings. In @RISK 5.0 and earlier, the statistic functions all calculate in "real time", meaning that @RISK recalculates the statistic at each iteration based on the number of samples that have been drawn. For more about the timing of calculating the statistic functions, please see "No values to graph" Message / All Errors in Simulation Data.

If you're interested in statistics of an input distribution, a better procedure is to use the "Theo" functions. See Statistics for an Input Distribution.

Additional keywords: Mean, simulated mean, percentile, simulated percentile, statistics functions

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