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3.25. Recovering a Concurrent Network Seat

Applies to: All Concurrent Network products, releases 5.x and 6.x

If you have a 7.x network, see Recovering License if a 7.x Concurrent Network Client Crashes.

How do I recover the license if a Concurrent Network client crashes?

No specific action is necessary. 

If a 6.x client crashes and the same client re-runs the software within ten minutes after the crash, that client will automatically reuse the same license that it was using when it crashed.  As usual, when the client closes Excel its license returns to the available pool.

If a 6.x client crashes and the same client does not re-run the software, then after ten minutes the license is automatically recovered by the server software and returns to the pool of available licenses.

If a 5.x client crashes, the license used by that client is not usable, not even by that client, for two hours.  But the license is automatically returned to the pool of available licenses at the end of that time.  (This is true regardless of the version of the server software.)

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