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1.32. "This installer requires a certificate license ..."

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Applies to: All Palisade software, release 6.x/7.x

When I try to install a network client, course workstation version, or textbook version, I get this error message:

This installer requires a certificate license (.lic) or network license (.ini) file in the same folder as setup.exe

If you are installing a commercial or academic network client:  During installation, a Palisade_NetworkClient.ini file must be in the same folder as the installer executable.  This file tells the installer how to find your server that holds the license information.  For instructions on creating and using this file, please see the 7.x Network Guide or 6.x Network Guide, specifically "Server Step 4", "Server Step 5", and "Client Setup Procedure".

If you are installing a course license on a standalone workstation:  With your software you received a .lic file containing the license information.  You must have that file in the same folder as the installer during installation. The license file must be named Palisade_Course.lic; if you rename it the installer may fail to find it.

IT personnel:  If you are installing an MSI version of the installer, it may need help in finding your .lic or .ini file.  Use the SETUPEXEDIR keyword to identify the location of the .lic or .ini file.  Please see Scripting the 7.x Client Install or Silent Install of 6.x Network Client.

Additional keywords: SETUPEXEDIR, MSI install

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