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2.2. Nothing Happens When I Launch the Software

Applies to: @RISK and all other Palisade add-ins for Excel, all releases

I double-click the desktop icon for @RISK (StatTools, PrecisionTree, ...) and it seems like nothing happens. (A message "initializing Microsoft Excel" appears briefly, but that's all.) If I go through the Palisade DecisionTools group in the Windows Start menu, it's the same story.

The cause could be any of these issues.  From most common to most unusual:

A. Excel running but not visible

When you launch @RISK or any other Palisade add-in for Excel, it asks Windows to if there is open copy of Excel. If Windows says "no, there's no Excel running", @RISK will launch Excel and attach to it.

If Excel is already running, Windows will tell @RISK how to find Excel, and @RISK will attach to it. If that copy is not visible — if it's minimized, or hidden behind another window — you won't see @RISK do anything after "initializing". If there are multiple copies of Excel open, Windows won't necessarily choose the one you expect, even if one copy is open and visible on the desktop.

Check the taskbar carefully for copies of Excel, and bring each one in turn to the foreground. Chances are that @RISK just attached to a different copy of Excel from the one you expected, because that's the copy that Windows told it about.

It's also possible for Excel to be running in background, meaning without any indication in the taskbar. To check for this, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up Task Manager. Look at the Processes or Details tab to see all running processes, including those that don't have a window. Click the Image Name column head to sort the processes by name. If you have one or more copies of Excel that don't have a visible window, click each one and then click End Task or End Process. After killing all background copies of Excel, launch @RISK again.

B. Disabled add-in (Excel 2007 and newer)

If Excel crashes while an add-in from Palisade or another third-party vendor is loaded, Excel may disable that add-in. Check Excel's add-ins list by clicking File » Options » Add-Ins. (In Excel 2007, click the round Office button, then Excel Options at the bottom, then Add-Ins.) There are three lists: active add-ins, inactive add-ins, and disabled add-ins. If @RISK or other Palisade add-ins are disabled, you can re-enable them.

To re-enable disabled add-ins, look for the Manage: Excel Add-Ins box at the bottom of the list of add-ins. Click the drop-down arrow to change that to Disabled Add-Ins, and click Go. Select the add-ins to re-enable, and click the Enable button. There is no need to add Palisade add-ins to Excel's active add-ins list; it's enough that they are not disabled. Now use the desktop icon (if available) or the Start Menu group called Palisade DecisionTools to launch @RISK or whichever application you were trying to use.

C. Antivirus

If you have no invisible copies of Excel, your antivirus software may have blocked a Palisade component based on a false positive. Check your antivirus logs, and unblock the software component. Please report the exact name of the blocked file, and the full name of your antivirus program, to Palisade Technical Support, so that we can contact them to get the false positive corrected.

D. Policy setting

A few IT departments may unintentionally set Windows group policies that interfere with running Palisade software.  If @RISK can't add its tab to the Excel ribbon, please see @RISK Initializes, But No Tab Appears in Ribbon and @RISK Creates Empty Add-Ins Tab in Ribbon.

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