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2.42. "Could not start the Microsoft Excel application"

Applies to: Palisade add-ins for Excel, releases 5.7.1 and 6.x/7.x

When I try to launch one of the Palisade tools, I get the above error message.

@RISK (PrecisionTree, StatTools, ...) can't find Excel.  This can happen after you upgrade Excel or the Palisade software, depending on the exact sequence of events.  To solve the problem, a simple System Registry edit should suffice. Please use the technique in Which Version of Excel Is Opened by Palisade Software? to set the Excel path in the System registry.  (If the path is already set, please verify that it is set correctly.)

If you prefer not to edit the System Registry, you can work around the problem by simply opening Excel before @RISK (StatTools, PrecisionTree, ...).

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