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2.37. "Could not contact the Microsoft Excel application"

Applies to:  All Palisade software 5.5.1 and later

When I try to launch @RISK, StatTools, or any of the tools, I get the above error message. What is wrong?

If you're getting this message the first time you try to run the Palisade software, your deployment of Microsoft Office may be a problem. See Click-to-Run and Office 365 with Palisade Software for more information.

Have you upgraded your Microsoft Office or uninstalled a version of Office? Office may have left one or more "orphan" keys behind. You can delete these keys by following the procedure in Removing Outdated References to Office from the System Registry.

Have you previously run the software successfully with this copy of Excel? If so, Windows may have got into a state where the messages from Palisade software to Excel are not being answered. Restart Windows to clear the problem condition.

Are there a lot of files in your temporary folder? This sometimes confuses Excel. See Cleaning Your Temp Folder.

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