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6.27. Placing Contribution to Variance in Worksheet

Applies to: @RISK 7.5.0 and newer

I like the Contribution to Variance tornado, but how can I get those values into my worksheet?

When the new graph was created in @RISK 7.5.0, new values were added to the arguments of the RiskSensitivity function. The first three arguments are output cell reference or name, simulation number (omitted = simulation 1), and input rank (>=1, where 1 selects the input with greatest effect). The fourth argument is 4 for contribution to variance; the fifth argument is 1 for the name of the input with that rank, or 6 for the percentage of variance contributed. If you want the actual variance instead of a percentage, multiply by RiskVariance(output cell or name).

Please open the attached workbook and run a simulation. The contributions to variance will appear in cells O9:Q15. The tornado graph is also shown for reference.

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