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1.3. Server Manager Versions and License Versions

Applies to: All network products, both Enterprise and Concurrent Networks

I have Server Manager 6.x. Can I use it with a version 7.x license?

Server Manager can support lower-version licenses down to 5.x, but not higher-version licenses, so the answer to this specific question is No. But you can use Server Manager 7.x with any licenses for versions 5.x, 6.x, and 7.x software.

Server Manager version:7.x6.x5.x
Supports 7.x licenses? (There was no 5.x
version of Server
Supports 6.x licenses?
Supports 5.x licenses?
Supports 1.x/4.x licenses?

Only the major versions matter. (The "major version" is the first digit of the version number.) Server Manager 6.1.2 will support a 6.3.1 license, for example.

See also: Replacing 5.x/6.x Server Software with 7.x gives details about using a later version of Server Manager to serve up older license versions.

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