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1.28. "Setup is unable to install Activation ID ..."

Applies to: All products, releases 6.x/7.x

My install will not finish. I get this message:

Setup is unable to install Activation ID activation-ID. See product Help Menu / License Manager to view available licenses or information on obtaining a new license.

How can I get past this and finish the install?

The message unfortunately does not give you the key piece of information, which is that this affects just the license, not the actual software install. For some reason, the installer was unable to do an Automatic Activation of your Activation ID. The two most likely causes are that your firewall prevents the installer from talking to Palisade's license server, or that the Activation ID is already activated.

Click the OK button to let the install finish. Assuming there are no other error messages, the software will be installed as a 15-day trial.

  1. If your Activation ID is already activated, deactivate it on the old computer before proceeding. (Run the software, click Help » License Manager, and select Deactivate. If Automatic Deactivation fails, select Manual Deactivation and follow the instructions on your screen.)
  2. Run the end-user software. You'll get a pop-up asking you to continue with trial or run License Manager.
  3. Select License Manager, click Activate, and enter your Activation ID.
  4. Select Manual Activation, not Automatic, and follow the instructions on your screen.

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