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4.37. "No inputs found that affect this output."

Applies to: @RISK 5.x–7.x

I run a simulation and everything seems fine. But when I look at Quick Reports, or when I do Browse Results and ask for a tornado, I see only this message:

No inputs found that affect this output.

Is your output actually varying, or does it have the same value in every iteration?

If your output is varying, but @RISK finds no inputs that influence it, you may have told @RISK to discard input data. In Simulation Settings » Sampling, look at Collect Distribution Samples. If it's set to None or Inputs Marked with Collect, change it to All and rerun your simulation.

If your output has precedents that include Excel volatile functions like RAND( ), it will vary but @RISK won't find any inputs. @RISK considers only @RISK distributions to be inputs. Replace RAND( ) with RiskUniform(0,1).

On the other hand, if your output isn't actually varying, then you need to take a look at the logic of your model. Maybe you started from a deterministic model, and you haven't yet changed the constants to @RISK inputs (probability distributions). Use Excel precedent tracing, on the Formulas tab, to find the precedents of your output.

Here's a good technique for testing your model when you're not getting the kind of variation you expect. Activate the Random/Static icon (the "rolling dice" icon), then press F9 repeatedly to have @RISK draw new random numbers for all distribution. If a cell isn't varying the way you think it should, look at that cell and its precedents to check the logic of your model.

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