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8.3. Excel Files with @RISK Grow Too Large

Applies to: @RISK 5.x–7.x

My Excel workbook containing my @RISK model takes a long time to open, and Excel seems to be unstable because of the large file size. My model was not nearly this large originally, but grew much larger when I ran a simulation and then saved the Excel workbook. What can I do?

When you run a simulation, @RISK can save simulation results in the Excel workbook or in a separate .RSK5 file, or neither. It sounds like you have @RISK set to save results in the Excel workbook, or you had @RISK set that way in the past. To clear those results and reduce the size of this workbook, follow this procedure:

  1. In @RISK's Utilities menu, select Clear @RISK Data.

  2. The Clear @RISK Data dialog box appears. Select "Simulation Results" and clear any marks that appear for the other options. Click OK and answer the confirming prompt.

  3. Save your workbook.

How can you prevent your workbook from growing again with future simulations? Either save results in an external .RSK5 file, or don't save them at all. (If you want to save selected results, use the @RISK Library, which is available in the Professional and Industrial Editions of @RISK.)

Here's how to register your preference with @RISK:

  1. In @RISK's Utilities menu, open Application Settings.

  2. In the General group, in the left column, locate "Save Results". If that is set to "Automatically Save in Workbook", change it to "Prompt on Save", "Save to External File", or "Never Save Results". Click OK.

If you chose "Save to External File", then whenever you save your workbook after running a simulation, @RISK will open a Save @RISK Results dialog showing the default external file name and the size of the results. Click Yes to save results to that file, No to skip saving results, or the Options button (Save Options icon in @RISK 5.x/6.x) to choose a different file name and location.

"Prompt on Save" is a variation on "Save to External File". If you chose "Prompt on Save", then whenever you save your workbook after running a simulation, you get the same Save @RISK Results dialog telling you how large the results are. However, the default in this case is to save results in the same workbook. Click Yes to accept this choice, click No to skip saving results, or click the Options button or the Save Options icon to save results to an external file. With "Prompt on Save", if you run additional simulations in this session, the default save location will remain as the .RSK5 file. But if you close @RISK and restart it, the default save location will change to "workbook". When answering the Save @RISK Results dialog, always check the save location and, if necessary, click the Save Options icon to select the external .RSK5 file.

Beginning with @RISK 7.5, you have another alternative available, to save results when you want to and only then, without being prompted. Select "Never Save Results" in Application Settings. Whenever you reach a point where you'd like to save results, click Utilities » Save Simulation File. You'll be prompted to choose a folder and a file name.

How do I get access to those results when I reopen my Excel file in a later session?

@RISK should pop up a dialog box:

Open Saved @RISK Results from file location?

If the results file was moved or renamed, @RISK won't be able to find it and won't display that dialog. Click Utilities » Open Simulation File... to select the RSK5 file that contains your results.

If your simulation results file is very large, and you have 32-bit Excel, @RISK may not be able to open it. Try closing other programs, and if that's not enough you may need to switch to 64-bit Excel.

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