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3.24. "The certificate has expired or is not yet valid."

Looking at the Trusted Publishers information in the Excel Trust Center, I see that our certificate has expired. When I click the View button, I get the message

The certificate has expired or is not yet valid.
Certificate expiration message

How do I obtain a current certificate from Palisade?

There's no need.

All Palisade code is timestamped, meaning that a recognized certificate authority has validated that the code came from us at the time it was created. It doesn't matter to the end user if the certificate expires after that. The expired certificate can't be used to timestamp any new code, but code that was already timestamped while the certificate was in force continues to be valid.

Many articles that explain this can be found by searching "timestamped certificate" (without quotes) on the Web. Here is one, from Stack Overflow. Quote: "Timestamping involves a third party (usually your CA) attesting that you made the signature at a particular time. Regardless of when your certificate expires, somebody receiving the signed code can then verify that your certificate was valid at the time you signed it."

Microsoft's message "This certificate has expired or is not yet valid" is literally true but beside the point. You're not trying to sign code, which can't be done with an expired certificate; you're trying to use code that was signed with a valid certificate in force at the time of signing.

If you were simply exploring in Trust Center and found the expired certificate, there's no cause for alarm and you don't need to take any action. The Certificate Information screen from Excel doesn't make clear the distinction between signing new code and using existing signed code. The certificate needs to be in force when the code is signed, and it was. The certificate does not need to be in force when the signed code is used.

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