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3.12. Compatibility of 6.x with Palisade 1.x/4.x Server Software

If you have a 7.x network, see Compatibility of 7.x with Palisade 1.x/4.x Server Software.

What if I already have a Palisade 1.x/4.x license on this server?

There were two types of 1.x/4.x Concurrent Network licenses, FLEXnet certificate licenses that were pre-activated, and "Palisade concurrent" licenses that required authorization and operated through a network share. If you're not sure which type you have, please contact Palisade Technical Support.

Palisade 5.x/6.x network licenses can't coexist on the same server with 1.x or 4.x certificate licenses. Either remove the older license and uninstall the server software, or choose a different server for your 6.x license.

The "Palisade concurrent" licenses did not use FLEXlm or FLEXnet and will not conflict with Palisade 5.x–7.x network licenses.

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