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5.4. Specifying a File for License Log (7.x)

By default, all logging information is written to a single file:

It's easiest to look at this file by clicking View in Server Manager.

This log file actually merges two streams, the lmgrd log and the vendor daemon log. You can tell which is which by the (lmgrd) or (palisade) prefix on each line. You can redirect the vendor daemon log, which contains license checkouts and checkins, to a different location by specifying it in the options file:

DEBUGLOG "c:\full path\file name"

This change is effective after you stop and restart the license service in Server Manager. You don't have to create the file yourself; the license service creates it if it doesn't exist and appends to it if it does.

If you redirect the vendor daemon log to a separate file in this way, please note:

See also: Monitoring License Use on 7.x Network

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