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4.6. Network Licenses Installed on This Server (7.x)

This box lists all Paliasde 5.x–7.x activated and certificate licenses, both Concurrent and Enterprise type, with the details of each.

For some license types, the license information may extend past the right edge of the screen. In that case, just click once on the license of interest and hover your mouse over the text box to display the full description of the selected license. If you prefer, you can resize the Server Manager window.

You may see the same Activation ID listed more than once. Here's an example. Suppose you have a Concurrent Network license with ten concurrent users allowed. Over time your organization grows and you buy an additional five concurrencies. These will be added to the same Activation ID, and after you activate them you will have two entries in the list for that Activation ID, one showing 10 users and one showing 5.

An expired or broken license is not shown here; see Unusable Licenses....

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