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4.3. Status Button (7.x)

This button adds further information in the Network Server Information box.

To update this status information, click Status again, not Refresh.

Enterprise License Status

If you have any Enterprise licenses on this server, a brief Enterprise License Status section appears. It shows each Enterprise Network Activation ID, with the number of activated users and the total number of users allowed on the license. To see which clients have activated Enterprise Network licenses, follow the directions in View.

Concurrent License Status

The long Concurrent License Status section is a pass-through from the FLEXnet software's lmstat program. It shows the license files, the status of the license service, and the status of the Palisade vendor daemon. Then it lists the Concurrent Network licenses, showing the license count for each one in this form:

licenses issued: 7 licenses in use: 3

The "licenses issued" is the number of concurrent users allowed on this license; "licenses in use" includes on-network users and borrowed licenses. These numbers may be off if you stop and restart the license service while a license is borrowed; see below.

If "licenses in use" is nonzero, there's one line for each current on-network or off-network user. (For the history of license use by your end users, see View.)

Concurrent License in Use On Network

If a status line doesn't begin with ACTIVATED and doesn't contain the word "linger", it represents one user using the license on the network. This status line shows the user name, the computer name, and the date and time this user began using the license.

Concurrent License Borrowed (When Server License Is Certificate Type)

If a line ends with "linger" and a number, this is a license borrowed for use off network, when the underlying server license is the certificate type. The user name and computer name are shown, along with the date and time when the user borrowed the license. The date of scheduled return is not shown directly, but the number after "linger" is the number of seconds for which the license was borrowed; divide by 86400 to get the number of days.

Concurrent License Borrowed (When Server License Is Activatable Type)

If a line begins with "ACTIVATED LICENSE(S)", it represents a license borrowed for use off network, when the underlying server license is the activatable type. The status line shows the computer name and the date and time the person borrowed the license. There's no indication of the date the license is scheduled for return.

If you stopped and restarted the license service after a license of this type was borrowed, the borrowed licenses may not be shown in the status display. In this case, instead of including the borrowed licenses in licenses in use, the display shows a lower number of licenses issued. For example, if your activatable Concurrent Network license has five users, two have borrowed it, and none are using it on network, then you may see

licenses issued: 3 licenses in use: 0

The difference between the numbers still gives the number of licenses available, and the "Network Licenses Installed" box below always shows the total number of concurrent users licensed.

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