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3.17. Moving 7.x Enterprise Network to a New Server

How do I move an Enterprise Network to a new server?

You must deactivate every Enterprise Network client before you can move an Enterprise Network to a new server. There is no need to uninstall or reinstall the client software, and you don't need a new Activation ID.

  1. Get the necessary server and client installers from Palisade Technical Support.

  2. On the new server, perform Server Setup Steps 1 and 2.

  3. On every Enterprise client (workstation), run the software and click Help » License Manager » Deactivate. For more about deactivating, see Deactivating a 6.x/7.x Enterprise Network Client License.

  4. On the old server, use Server Manager to deactivate the Enterprise license. Make a note of the Activation ID, because you will need it on the new server. See Activating and Deactivating Licenses.

  5. On the new server, use that same Activation ID to perform Server Step 3: Activate License, then do Server Setup Steps 4 and 5.

  6. On every Enterprise client, run the software. If License Manager doesn't open automatically, click Help » License Manager. In License Manager, click Activate, enter the Activation ID, and enter the new server name and port number.

  7. (optional) On the old server, if there are no other licenses, uninstall Palisade Network Server.

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