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3.8. Network Ports and Firewalls (7.x)

How should I set up my firewalls?

Most of our customers don't need to make any changes in their firewall settings at all.

Internet access (from server only, and only when activating or deactivating a license): If Automatic Activation of your license fails owing to your firewall, we recommend that you use the Manual Activation procedure rather than make firewall changes. For Manual Activation instructions, see Activating an Activatable License. If you prefer to change server firewall settings and perform Automatic Activation, here is the relevant information:

Client-server communications: Clients and your server must communicate every time a client launches the software, and also periodically while the software is running.

If you prefer to open specific ports, on the server you need to open the outgoing ports that are listed in Port Numbers. If necessary, open those same port numbers as remote ports in the client's firewall.

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