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1.2. Step 1: Install 7.x Server Software

If you already have a 7.x version of our server software on this server, you can skip this step. See What if I already have a Palisade 7.x license on this server? for more information.)

If you're installing your first Palisade 7.x license on this server, even if you have Palisade 5.x/6.x licenses, then you need the 7.x server software. Download the server installer from the link you received in email, and run it as administrator. The install will replace any previous version of the server software, but will not disturb any existing licenses, port-number selections, or other options.

Folders used: If you already have any Palisade software installed (6.x/7.x server software or 5.x–7.x end-user software), the installer will use the existing Palisade folder. Otherwise, the installer will suggest C:\Program Files (x86)\Palisade or C:\Program Files\Palisade for the install, but will let you select a different install folder. NetServer and System folders will be created under the install folder unless they already exist.

Caution! Don't install to a folder with an at-sign (@) in its name. The FLEXnet licensing software will not work if installed in such a folder.

The main components of the installed server software are:

Palisade software release 7.x installs FLEXnet Publisher 11.10 as the licensing system. This is compatible with Palisade 5.x/6.x licenses and will not interfere with FLEXnet licenses from other vendors.

Caution: Do not alter any of the files in the NetServer folder, except as instructed in this Guide or by Palisade Technical Support. Our software uses the .lic and .opt files in customized ways that don't always match the standard FLEXnet usage.

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