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3.8. Course License 5.x Prompts for Activation

Applies to:
Palisade release 5.x, course licenses installed on workstations
(as opposed to client-server installation)
If you have a 6.0.0 course license, see Course License 6.x Prompts for Activation.

I installed the course license on my workstation, but when I try to run the application a Palisade License Activation screen pops up.  It's asking for an Activation ID, and I don't have one.

The Palisade License Activation screen may show a trial license, or it may show no license at all.  The causes for these are similar: a missing or corrupted license file at install time.

The cure is simply to repeat the install, but this time have the license file available to the installer.

Your school's Web site or install disk should give you a big installer file (something like DTools5ind or DTools5ind.exe, though names may vary) and a small license file called Course.lic. During installation, the installer needs access to that Course.lic file to pick up your course license.  Specifically, the Course.lic file needs to be in the same folder as the actual installer, or the installer will not find it.

Once you have the correct files on your desktop (or on CD), right-click the installer and select Run as Administrator.  (If you have Windows XP, simply double-click the installer.)  The installer will then pick up your course license, and when you run the software it will not prompt for activation.

last edited: 2013-01-23

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